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Juin 13, 2015 @ Juin 13, 2015 - Juin 13, 2015


Same great crowd, freshly twisted.
FRONT ROOM 02: THE B2B [Minds of Sin Label Showcase]

Presented by Minds of Sin & Mr. D’Urbano
for the members of Front Rite
in collaboration with New Beats Now

Early birds = SOLD OUT!!

LIMITED online tickets available at 10$! Grab em while it’s hot 😉 ::

Music by
Joe Mesmar
(Toolroom Records, Ovum Recordings, Minds Of Sin)

(Toolroom Records, Younan Music, Minds Of Sin)

(Slick Records, Purple Sun Records)

June 13th – 10PM
Le Cinq Montreal – Lounge w/ Patio

This second edition features a very special B2B, between chaos and order, stomp and groove, ultimately techno & tech house. This B2B is in celebration of the launch of Minds of Sin Records, Joe’s podcast now turned label.

Many of Joe’s techno production have gotten international acclaim and with his new EP Berlin to Amsterdam out now on Minds of Sin Records it is safe to say there is much more to come from him. Somewhere around 126, he creates a techno vortex where only the strong can survive. Do not fear though, Alex Pycke will be here guiding the dance floor into oblivion.

Paskal is known for his rollin’ tech house sound and within the FRONT RITE community has made a name for himself either by providing the perfect opening set at New City Gas or giving us a reason to completely ditch the main room and groove downstairs all night long.

Auvertone has a tendency to get the room heated up with the realest of tech. A time stopping robotic trip.

The dancefloor this time around is the historic 1234 de la Montagne. While the spot is known for having more mainstream electronic in their main room we will inhabiting the lounge area private to our event completely separate from the main area. This intimate space will give us an opportunity to really be ourselves and the patio, to be free.

To see the space in question; take the virtual tour and select Lounge and Patio in the bottom left corner,

On Saturday, June 13th,
3 DJs, 2 Sounds, 1 Dancefloor.


Date :
Juin 13, 2015
Heure :
Juin 13, 2015
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Minds of Sin
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