Watch HOPIHO video : Do You Want it

Want to discover a new artist ? Here’s HOPIHO clip : Do You Want it

Hopiho is proud to launch today his new music video, directed by Emukule Ekirapa (MTV VJ). For nearly two years Hopiho has been working hard on his album. A perfectionist, he has repeatedly postponed the release of the CD because he is still not satisfied with the final product. After several years of waiting, Hopiho promises the “album release in 2012.”

In the meantime, eager fans can have a taste of the album. “For this album, I am trying to get out of my comfort zone”, he says. “I am trying to do something different. I want to explore new horizons because I have realized that my music was becoming repetitive. Will I alienate my fan base by trying something new? Maybe, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

On the Do You Want It track, Hopiho is assisted by Jackie, a young Kenyan singer who sings the chorus. “She wrote the song pretty fast and the end result was simply sublime”, recalls Hopiho.

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This one is particularly very close to home for me, but I remain objective… I Nina Mayers of the Naked Truth declare that this one you gotta watch out for. His dedication, his motivation and love for what he does are…. well discover for yourself at

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