I realize that I don’t need a man, rather I want a man

I realize that I don’t need a man, rather I want a man

I hear women and girls say “I need a man” all the time, but I doubt most of them truly know what they want. Am young, vibrant and confident. Most people say am cold, uninviting and intimidating… I can’t change that, so I simply embrace it. I think I know what i want, most days am sure of what I need. I have learnt to mask my insecurities and overcome them with self assurance, faith and the believe that most days we hold our dreams and destinies in our own hands. I believe in the power of hard work and the determination to constantly become a better person. I trust that with the right frame of mind and the right entourage we grow as human beings, and so I often eliminate the negative elements that try to bring me down.

i need a man

But lately, lately i have questioned these virtues and I realised that I don’t need a man…

At least not in the conventional sense of things. I used to think that i wanted a man that was 6ft something, that was manly enough to make me feel vulnerable, that had a good job and was ambitious. That could be a good father and a role model. That had the same believes I did and could hold is own…I used to think that I needed a man to make me complete, to make me whole.

Now I realize I want MORE than that… But mostly I realize that I don’t need a man, rather I want a man…

(It is that eternal debate between wants and needs)…

I want a man that simply and honestly respects me, respects his parents and respects himself. A man that knows he can’t do it all by himself, a man that fears God, a human being that wants to grow. I want someone who instead of telling me how great I am, wakes up each morning telling me that I can be better. A man that encourages me and accepts me despite my faults; not because he can’t do anything about them, but because he knows that his love will push me to be better. I don’t need a man that has dreams; but rather I want one that can dream big enough for the both of us. I don’t a need a man that wants to father children, but rather I want a man that knows the value of a family. I don’t need a man that has money but i want a man that knows how to give me that financial security; its not in the number of hand bags he can offer me or the houses he buys me but in the investments he makes knowing that our family will always have a roof over our heads and the best we can give each other. I don’t need passion , I want a companion. I don’t need a man who is just a man, I want a man who wants to be all that and more….

So if you know you cannot satisfy that strict minimum; then baby you need not apply. Because, I know what am worth and what I can bring to you, I am able and willing to make you a better man, if you are ready to make me a better woman first. Because, love is simple, simple, simple…

And am Just (W)right for you, but are you my Scott McKnight? LOL…

Holla at me Naked ladies, do you need a man? And what do you NEED or WANT

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