KONY 2012 by Invisible Children

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

DIRECTOR : Jason Russell LEAD

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Note : The film’s purpose was to promote the charity’s “Stop Kony” movement to make African cult and militia leader, indicted war criminal and the International Criminal Court fugitive Joseph Kony globally known in order to have him arrested by the end of 2012, when the campaign expired. The film spread virallyAs of March 1, 2014, the film has received over 99 million views and 1.3 million “likes” on the video-sharing website YouTube, and over 21.9 thousand “likes” on Vimeo.


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    • Merci de ton commentaire Heri! En effet, cette initiative laisse la porte ouverte à des conséquences fâcheuses d'une occupation militaire étrangère. Le lien que tu as partagé est très interessant. Cependant, pour ceux qui ne connaissaient pas Joseph Kony, nous trouvons nécessaire de partager l'information.

  1. I want to join this team to do something for the children.But I don't know how the create. I'm Chinese,my english is so poor. If someone could heil me my E-mail:zy11382@hotmail.com

  2. 我想 得到行动装备 但不知道怎么 捐钱 英语不太好  求助 ~~~

  3. 全世界一起抓捕kony行动包中国在哪里可以买到?如何加入TRI。中国有我们的行动者吗、

  4. 我是个中国人  上百度贴吧去搜索你这个网站 找不到  又上谷歌去搜索  费了牛大的劲才找到  网站也不稳定  还全是英文   我好不容易找到购买东西和捐款的页面   尼玛还不能弄那个交易方式  你们美国人要拯救地球  我们中国人就不是地球人了? 这也是我们的家   但是因为一些杂七杂八的尼玛的事情  搞的好麻烦  全世界都是人类  你们就不能弄个中文网站   别老搞那些主义思想行不  现在救人要紧   

  5. HELLO!
    Everybody,every time,we want to catch this bad guy and finish  what him do!
    We are all human and we all have right to life in world! 
    So please creat a chinese web,give us a chance to do something and  hlep these children.
    I think every chinese people want to help you。
    PS:(My English is not very well,but this is I want to say. )

                                                                                           —–A CHINESE YOUNG MAN

    • "Paix mondiale au peuple chinois et au monde entier" : Thank you Yukichiub (and google translate)

  6. 怎么才能在中国给你们捐款?得到行动包?我也想尽一份力量

  7. 怎么才能在中国给你们捐款?我也想贡献一份力量

  8. I saw the movie, through publication of facebook, did not know who was Kony, and I will also post this video on my facebook, and others like me take note. thank you for what they do, I'm from Portugal and had never heard of this "movement" please do what other people know, for sure that there are more people willing to help. there are still people with good heart and willingness to help others like you guys! Please make this cause, a universal cause, and I'd like to help!

    • Thank You Elisabete You did great by sharing this knowledge with your friends. Joseph Kony need to brought to justice.

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