5 questions to soul/folk artist JC Villafan


Is JC Villafan the next Bruno Mars or Jason Mraz ? Maybe. But one thing is for sure, he has a great voice.

I was more surprised when I saw he was only 20 years old! JC Villafan. Keep that name in mind. After being in a rock band since he was 14, this young LA singer/songwriter started his solo career in early 2011.

He will come to France (Lyon and Paris) from the 7th to 16th november for some concerts there. His mission? Get the better of Frenchies heart. He accepted to answer some of our questions:

Hello JC, nice hearing from you. So, have you ever been in France?

Unfortunately, I have never been to France. However, I am greatly looking forward to coming to France for the first time!

What do you expect from this French tour?

I am expecting the weather to be very cold. I have never been in weather colder than 50 degrees so I am hoping I don’t die.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes through people’s choices of action that ultimately affect world circumstance or someone’s life for the worse or for the better.

People keep on comparing your music to Bruno Mars’ or Justin Nozuka and sometimes Jason M’raz. What do you think about it?

I have no problem with it. I personally love the comparison because they are all great artists.

Is there anything you want to tell your French fanbase and those who don’t know you yet there?

The people and culture of France have inspired me to truly follow my dreams. For that I wish to be, in every way, an appreciative and impressionable artist in it’s society and music culture. J’taime France! 🙂

JC Villafan sera de passage Ă  Lyon : le 07/11 au Monkey Club le 08/11 au Blogg, le 09/11 au Ninkasi KafĂ© et le 11/11 Ă  L’aKroche ainsi qu’Ă  Paris: le 14/11 au CafĂ© Mama Kin, le 15/11 au Bizz’art le 16/11 au MizMiz CafĂ©.

Youtube : JcVillafan
Facebook : jcvillafan
Twitter : jcvillafan
Soundcloud : jcvillafan
Website: www.jcvillafan.bandcamp.com