6 African books you should have read this summer

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Summer is on its way out. However, we still have a couple of days left before the return of You-Know-What.

In my world, summer equals sands, cocktail and a very good story. So, if you haven’t been to the beach yet, I advise you to do so, as soon as possible.

The beach is probably the best place to tackle that new book you were trying to read all year long. I wouldn’t advise starting on Cheikh Anta Diop’s physics treaty.

While you shop for your bath costume or sexy bikini and shades, don’t forget to grab a copy of one these awesome books.

1. For the rebel


This is a very short and funny read. It is also available on pocket format, which means it will fit very well on your beach bag. I advise you to take a-see-through bag, they are the rage right now

2. For the Advocate


This collection of 7 short stories is perfect for the beach; almost all of them are in set in Sénégal. Don’t miss the story untitled “Me Wade ou l’art de bâcler son destin, this would translate as”Barrister Wade or The art to botch your destiny”.


3. For the Romantic 

toulope popoola


This is a recommendation for my romantic ladies – a very good story about a Nigerian couple set in England. Plus, they are fine men in there.  So if you are a hopeless romantic, who like to read chick-lit and harlequin-style books, you must get this one.

4. For the Creative 


Screw reading! You would rather let your poor brain rest, while you flip lazily a magazine and sip a Bissap. No problem! This one is for you. In this photography book, you will discover the exciting art of Photomaking.These incredible images are created by a motion pictures director who uses a still camera.

5. For the Intellectual


Rest? What rest? I don’t need good stories, I need the real stuff. In that case, this one is for you. It is one of the most celebrated book of our time. The package contains 3 books: things fall part, No longer at ease and Arrow of God. Sensitive people, please abstain. You don’t want to do bizarre things at the beach.

6. For the Daredevil


I want something different. What about North Africa? Don’t you have a good Arab story! Of course, I do. The Cairo trilogy is a set of three books (almost 1300 pages): palace walk, sugar street and palace desire. The book is obviously very heavy, so I advise you to buy it on kindle, kobo, IPad or any other tablet of your choice. If worst comes to worst, you could always buy them one by one.

Under the Neem Tree wishes you a very lovely end of summer!

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