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Africa Check the first fact-checking website, invented by the AFP Foundation, has been launched this week, the journalism department at Wits University has said.

The site Africa Check, based in Wits’ journalism department, was established to spread the skills and practice of fact-checking among students and media houses.

Caxton professor of journalism at Wits Anton Harber was a senior adviser to the project.

He said: “I believe that Africa Check can make an important contribution to public discourse by promoting a culture of accuracy and making public figures think twice about playing loose with the facts.

Basically what’s a fact checker ? A fact checker is the person who checks factual assertions in non-fictional text, usually intended for publication in a periodical, to determine their veracity and correctness.

To our knowledge, this is the first time anyone has tried to do something like this, here in Africa,” AFP Foundation deputy director Peter Cunliffe-Jones said in his statement. For any society to function properly, people need access to reliable information and that includes Africa,” he said. Whether the claims people make are about health, politics or the economy, they should be checked properly and impartially.

The project would be funded until the end of the year by the IPI News Innovation Contest, run by the Vienna-based International Press Institute.

The site can be found on SAPA

Africa Check est la nouvelle ambition de la fondation AFP (Agence France presse).

C’est un tout nouveau site de fact checking qui se dĂ©veloppe en partenariat avec le dĂ©partement de journalisme de l’universitĂ© de Witwatersrand, en Afrique du Sud.

Je crois profondĂ©ment que Africa Check peut apporter une contribution importante au dĂ©bat public en encourageant une culture de la prĂ©cision qui pourra faire rĂ©flĂ©chir par deux fois les personnalitĂ©s qui prennent parfois trop des libertĂ©s avec les faits», ajoute Anton Harber, professeur de journalisme Ă  l’universitĂ© de Witwatersrand et ancien rĂ©dacteur en chef du South African Mail and Guardian et principal conseiller du projet.

Mais qu’est-ce que le fact checking? Un terme anglais dĂ©signant une pratique journalistique vieille comme la profession, qui consiste littĂ©ralement Ă  «vĂ©rifier les faits», souvent en temps rĂ©el.

«Le fact-checking est une tendance qui se dĂ©veloppe dans les mĂ©dias et plus largement dans la sociĂ©tĂ© civile, partout dans le monde. Mais Ă  notre connaissance, c’est la premiĂšre fois que ce type d’expĂ©rience est tentĂ© ici en Afrique», explique Peter Cunliffe-Jones, directeur adjoint de la Fondation AFP, qui a conçu et supervise le projet.

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