Afro Inspiration : Jim Bilie, independant producer from Libreville


Jim Bilie 2

What are your feelings on the Hip-Hop genre in Montreal and the direction it’s heading.

I love the energy that Kaytra, High Klassified and Da-P brings to the city. Vnce from the Dead Obies is a genius to me. I’m a huge fan of their work. Gabe Nandez is in my opinion the sickest MC in the city period. He’s a lyrical genius.

You are also involved in fashion. Your latest collection is African inspired. Talk a little bit about some materials that you’ll work with ?

I can’t really say much about it right away, and ruin the surprise. Wait and see our S/F14 collection.

Why is it important to celebrate african culture through fashion or design ?

Cause Africa is such a rich source of inspiration and we want to promote the GOOD that Africa bears. It’s bigger and better than that crying somali kid in drawers with flies on his forehead, they insist on showing to westerners on TV.

We’re taking you in a cultural adventure with NoKliche. From the prints on our T-Shirts, to the sample we use in our music.

Creating whether by music or fashion you seem like a busy man walk us through a typical entrepreneurial day for you.

I always wake up super early in the morning, I try to meditate and thank the Architect for a new day of life and the blessings in my life. Then I take a shower where i receive most of my ideas. I write songs there and think of concepts for visuals etc. I put my head down to work as soon as Im clothed for 8hrs at least. I usually take a break and watch a movie or take a nap. I make sure to have everything done by the time my girlfriend gets home, to take her out or just enjoy her company.

What do you like the most about your job?

I love the freedom of going wherever my ideas lead me. It’s a treat!

What advice could you give to young entrepreneur in your field ?

See your vision and stick with it, always do you, get your mind right, stop frontin’ and start today, give never less than your best, surround yourself with the right people, read the ALCHEMIST by Coehlo.

Anything you want to add to our readers ?

No one is going to put you on, work hard, have faith and stay motivated. No bitching, no complaining, just live off the adrenaline of doing something you love. Whether it means eating Kraft Dinner for weeks.

Last question, If I Say “Afro Inspiration” What comes to your mind ?

Fela Kuti. He’s a God!

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