Afro Inspiration : Chigozie Anaele founder of Kachi Designs


Kachi Designs was established in 2010 by Chigozie Anaele aka Chi Chi. As an artist and entrepreneur, Chi Chi produced her first ensemble using her own bedding. Her brand is primarily anchored in representing the versatility of Ankara which is a 100% cotton fabric, patterned to perfection and popularized by West Africans. Chi Chi is one of the guest designers of the New York Africa Fashion Week 2012…

Would you like to share a few words about your upcoming fashion show? What could we expected to see on the runway on July 14th?

I’d love to!, well this season I really focused on a woman’s beauty and sexuality without the usually expected spring color pallet of pastel pinks and yellows.

In less than 2 years, Kachi Designs have been part of many fashion events in several cities. How do you explain your brand fast success?

Well I gave up my job in The engineering field and put all my focus into fashion and went into it without the option of failure I am very inspired by the variation of colors and Patterns that are culturally inspired.

About you…which is your favorite color? 

My favorite color used to be blue, but once I started fashion I seem to have fallen in love with every color.

Your favorite item? 

My favorite item is my recent birthday dress, it has like these structured shoulders with a nice now open back.

Your most liked city?

My favorite city would have to be California I’m just in love with the whole beach thing, so relaxing.

Through your work you positively influence the AfrokanLife readers, would you like to share with us some advices for the young entrepreneur?

“Listen to heart and believe in your dreams”

Find more about Kachi Designs on her official website

Interview with Kachi Designs for the New York Africa Fashion Week 2012