I came across FWB, I was like WTF ?


Am not hip like that. Am so (not) into all this social media jargon… and I always end up looking up the different acronyms in my spare time.


I came across FWB not too long ago (long means couple of years – I just take me time to express). I couldn’t even imagine what it stood for. I was like “WTF?” (what the fudge) I was to say it simply : “confused”! when I discovered it was short for “friends with benefits”….I couldn’t figure out what benefits meant and I understood all relationships to be out of some sort of self interest. I then asked my most “out there” friend and she simply said, Jasmine it is friends who have casual sex….

Shock was perhaps a feeble sentiment for what was going through my mind. The concept “was” and IS simply rubbish to me. Sex is sex and a relationship is a relationship. First off, friends shouldn’t be having sex; and if they do they are no longer friends.

I don’t understand people who engage in “casual sex”. As far as am concerned, if you sleep with someone there has to be meaning or at least some sort of understanding, it can’t just be a transaction and physical.

Call me old school, or whatever you want that’s how I see it. And any girl who tries to say different is living in some “defensive/illusionist” universe where she acts all care free in an attempt to protect herself from the big bad wolf. Sex is never without emotion. Never! Don’t try it at home kids.

But am guessing none of what am saying here to you is new. Just thought I would say it in this day and age where everyone thinks and acts like its a “norm”. Reclaim your cookie, ha! I just had a vagina monologue moment (sorry inside joke).

So to those women who think that they have to give it up by date 3, nah… Practice a 90 day rule or some sort of rule. Give it up only if you are in a “relationship” – a real one. And no don’t give up, there are good men out there – look at me, am blissfully happy 🙂
(Yes am that girl that flaunts her happy relationship in everyones face. You might know me but you are reading me so…)

My un comprehension of the whole phenomenon stems from one of my most cardinal rules, one every woman should follow. My body is my temple! And the simple idea that a man shall ‘try’ to communicate or exchange with me only for ‘those’ pleasures baffles and disturbs me, I feel like less than…

Anyways, I need you to forget the idea that a FWB can turn into something serious or anything for that matter. It is nothing to begin with. Ladies, and gents if you ask Ms. Love FWB is a no, never, DON’T.

Guest post send by Octavia.