I Like Me – The new parenting book by Eleanor Wint


Dr. Eleanor Wint announces the release of her latest parenting book “I Like Me: 5 Easy Ways for Parents to help their children feel Awesome about themselves”.

Teaching you in just over 100 pages, Dr. Wint introduces the Shine Technique so that parents can feel comfortable in their skin while teaching their children how to have that same confident feeling. As she says “if you don’t feel good about what you are doing, maybe you aren’t doing the right thing”.

Building children’s self-esteem is an ongoing process and Eleanor Wint, the author of I Like Me captures the essence of this in her book. I Like Me is written for parents from all walks of life as some of you might be moving home or changing caregivers. I Like Me even has a special section for Dads and Grandparents as more and more they take on this new responsibility full time.

Life is changing very rapidly for many families nowadays as we travel, change locations, leave the home that we grew up in or find we don’t have the time to spend with our children as we would like. I Like Me gets you through these difficult time with charts, questions and lots of activities.

Eleanor Wint

To feel awesome is feeling self-confident and children’s self-esteem grows as their parents and caregiver’s own self-confidence grows. Building self-esteem is critical at the preschooler stage where children try out new relationships and find new friends that they want to bring into their own family circle. As research shows, building a positive self-esteem helps to keep our children away from deviant behaviours.

As one Mom says “The book is fantastic. I am a Mom so the book really resonated with me.”

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