What do you know about love ? by Nina Mayers

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What do you know about love? by Nina Mayers

One thing is for sure, to most it is a foreign concept, to others its a liberating expression.
What you know about love? I know, am baffled by the concept.

I am not talking here about the emotional attachment one feels for a family member,
The unconditional love you have for your parents or siblings….I am not talking either of the love we all feel for those close to us, our friends, the people we spend endless hours with and who have become another part of us….am talking here about that yearning that makes you want to wake up next to your partner day in and day out, the kind of love that makes you say I want to walk down the aisle with him or her…am talking about the love of passion, the GREAT LOVE that makes you sing songs and forget things…that makes most women glow and many men vulnerable. Not the love of movies, but the love that makes a couple that’s been married over 50 years still smile and say “I love you”

What is that Love? And what do you know about it?
As far as am concerned, it is not the endless palpitations and the “feelings” deep down in the groin.
I doubt it is the head in the clouds feeling, or the honey moon phase most get caught up in.
It is not endless nights of passion with no substance,
That Love can’t be de denied,
It is not complacency or settling for nothing better.
Do most people even know when its knocking at their doors?

What do I know about love?
Not much, but I know this…
Love is the down and dirty!
It is that sensation that your heart has been pulled out when you’ve been betrayed,
It is the complicity of two friends, who laugh, fight and shout
It is remembering to put them first, even when it compromises you.
Love is not a fairy tale; even if sometimes it might appear to be
It is however, the wink and smile you share when no one else understands why
Love is not an overly exaggerated public display of affection
But it is visible to all, however subtle it may be.
Love is a project shared by two,
Not a plan conceived by one
Sometimes love can be hate, or even disgust
But it is not always perfect –
But through it all true love often triumphs

Sometimes love actually means letting go
And being reasonable
Love is not the answer to all
But with love all makes sense…
Love can be stupid and Irrational
But it is always Understanding

So, what do I know about Love???
You tell me!! Its a freaking concept that we each define our own way!
Don’t get caught up in the moment; Live it.

I don’t know much about love….and yet I dream about it often.