Why women tend to attract unavailable men ?


Attracting unavailable men, I wonder skill or coincidence?  Women seem to excel in the art be it physically or emotionally.

There has got to be something we do, a vibe we give, the unspoken language of the body that says to men “we can’t have” come to me. I can understand when it happens sporadically, but when every encounter you make you begin to see a pattern, you must sit down and reflect. Ask the right questions. Is it me? Is it him? Is it us??

Perhaps am just going on a complete tangent here… Could be the lack of sleep and it could just be that men are “dogs” and they like to toy with our emotions…

That for them, every encounter is a chase and “the other” doesn’t really matter.

OR…it could really be that, we are emotionally weak individuals who suffer from the fear of rejection and hence we seek solace in things we know we can control consciously or subconsciously. Because quite frankly, if you are with an unavailable man, in a twisted way there is no real rejection…you can console yourself in the fact that he has someone else and you are just having fun…

No, on a serious note though, I think that we suffer or most people do at least from a “dependency clause” that inhibits or encourages us to ‘never’ be alone (note the quotes)… In the sense that we too often like to grab on to a new branch while still holding on to the old one. I can appreciate that some people don’t like to be alone and that some girls like to have options…

As far as am concerned, here are some reasons why  “we” *used loosely as usual because I don’t consider myself a ‘we’ lol* women  tend to attract unavailable men

    1. Above and beyond what is mentioned up here, there is INSECURITY – it is tied to the whole rejection issue. It’s easier to hang on to something that is not.
    2. I think there is some chemical vibe given off by ‘attached men’ – LL Cool J says it best in deliver us from Eva; no woman wants a man that isn’t already taken – I think our subconscious holds on to the ‘way’ they treat their women (in public) and we fall in love with the IDEA of a good guy
    3. Forbidden fruit is always sweeter – fact!
    4. It is Skill when you’ve convinced yourself that you just want to have fun
    5. Perhaps Coincidence when you refuse to internally assess yourself after every relationship; you will keep making the same mistakes and falling for the same prototype. Empty the luggage and get rid of your emotion “baggage”.

Tell me how naked do you get before you realise he is unavailable? And do you walk away or stick around in the hopes that he will become yours?