MTV Shuga : How to meet the Cast behind the show ?

Shuga Radio

MTV Shuga : How to meet the Cast behind the show ?

I still remember the first time I watched “Shuga” a couple of years ago. I was so excited and couldn’t stop raving about it. I told everyone who wanted to hear about it. I was so impressed and proud of the work of such talented actors, and I was just amazed at how beautiful Nairobi looked on camera. Even more, I felt like the message was hitting home in a special way.

When season 2 came out, I realised that the Shuga Fam had discovered an instant hit.

I was fortunate (right place, right time) to audition for #ShugaRadio in January. I went in for the French auditions, and got a part in both the French and English. I got to work with an amazing group of people and discover a whole new world of radio drama. Working on set is exhilarating even when tiring. It is engrossing, its time consuming but most importantly it is challenging. I found myself struggling through expressions, finding different accents (never quite succeeded) and expressing those things that would go live into peoples living rooms and cars. The message from this show is so important, that I felt that doing a good job was crucial. I do have to say that working with a talented, enthusiastic cast makes it amazing and having a producer, who understands her craft fully is rewarding.

What have I gone away with?

Acting is…. I’ll let you be the judge of that!

You can check out #ShugaRadio here…

Episode 1 English and Episode 2 English *you can follow the links to see the french or swahili versions:

You can also meet the Cast behind those voices her :

Nims, yours truly in the role of Sharon in both French & English. let’s see if you were able to recognize my voice in the other minor roles (a true test of my talents lol) Waiting to hear your feedback!