Music meets Runway : 9 Nigerian designers


Dumebi Iyamah (Andrea Iyamah)

Image Music-Meets-Runway-2012-Dumebi-Iyamah-of-Andrea-Iyamah
Dumebi Iyamah of Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah was founded by 19 year old Dumebi Iyamah in March 2011. Acknowledging her talent at an early stage of 12, Dumebi developed tailoring skills acquired through lessons that assisted her in completing the first few creations for the Andrea Iyamah brand. Dumebi studied at the McMaster University in Canada the and juggles between her passion and education, setting time out for school and also running the Andrea Iyamah brand. Inspired by a diverse range of ideas, Dumebi Iyamah seeks to exhibit her creativity, from sketching to all the delicate end details of the production process of every piece. For more information, visit: