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1.4 billion people around the world live in complete darkness… Can We can change that ?

Power Africa

In electricity, Africa is a continent full of paradoxes: though it is an energy giant by the resources available, the actual capabilities on which it can rely today are poor. In other words, despite its huge energy potential, the continent still suffers from a lack of infrastructures.

In a report released in January, the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) says: “In 2010, 590 million Africans (57% of the population) had no access to electricity. If current trends in energy do not change, Africa will, in 2030, 655 million people (42% of the population) in the same case. “. Something obviously has to be done in that area.

Thus, Power Africa is a project which initial goal is to “bring the power back to Africa”. We are not talking about the Obama’s 7 billions plan to bring electricity in Africa. Basically, it is a for profit energy company with a social focus on increasing access to electricity in developing areas of Africa.

#PowerAfrica Black, White and Gold SnapBack, ready for the summer! 100% of all proceeds will be used to help increase access to electricity in rural Africa.

To raise creative new capital, Power Africa is using fashion, art and entertainment through their “Power Africa Now” apparel company (strapbacks, Print pocket tshirts,…). The apparel they intend to make will help raise awareness on energy the ongoing energy crisis across the globe and will raise money and resources in order to find viable solutions. We assume they heard about that motto “Africa is the future” so the future is now, the future is today for the team behind Power Africa. Their first pilot project is to manage and install Micro-Grid power systems in rural communities of Africa. They are currently working with local organizations in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. The team is growing and they also have a few local contractors and partners that are helping them putting everything together. Check their website to learn more about the project.

power africa now
Micro-Grid power systems in rural communities of Africa

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