Slot Games that require skills

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Players like competing against each other. They love the idea they win because of their abilities and not just because of pure luck.

That’s why casino manufacturers decided to adapt to this players’ natures and launch skill-based slot games.

Of course, they aren’t substituting the traditional ones which still are very common among casino players.

Which kind of skills do these slots at Star Slots require? And, what are the most performing in the casino market?

In this article, we are going to answer these questions. 

Skill-based slots: How do they work? 

Just think about a video game you play on PlayStation or Nintendo. Well, with the addition of many special effects both in terms of graphics and sound, these slots are very similar to traditional video games. These skill-based games are really affected by players decisions. Players can change the final result. That’s the main reason why they are loved by the younger generations who like to have a strong impact on everything they do.

The bet won’t affect final results 

These machines are not affected by the amount of your bet. The awards you receive will remain the same, whatever the amount you decide to bet on them is. 


Another aspect that younger generations find very exciting is their competitive nature.

You can decide to challenge other players on the same slot by joining a network. You will challenge them on a series of abilities that will determine your final score. The final results all depend on your set of skills.

Two names of skill-based slot machines 

Wrath of Ra 

Do you like shooting at your enemies? Full of exciting features and entertaining elements that make it look similar to a video game, Wrath of Ra is pure fun, this slot was released in 2019.

It is formed by 5-reels and only ten winning pay lines but we can assure you its special elements will leave you astonished.

You will be endowed with 5 different weapons: a shotgun, a grenade, a laser rifle, a plasma rifle and a machine gun. Be careful with your money. You will need it to buy your bullets.

Have fun by challenging other players and win this battle!

The final jackpot is up to 5.000.


Are you prepared for some space-action? Based on the old version of the video game Atari, this 5-reels, 720 pay lines 3-D video game slot will entertain you with its special effects and its sticky and expanding Wilds. Very rewarding, the asteroid icons can pay you up to 12 times your stake when you land 5 of them. Also, when you hit 5 Scatters, your stake gets multiplied by 10 and you also gain 30 free spins.


What are your thoughts on this new version of slots? Do you like the idea of challenging other players to win? We think these new versions are perfect for players who like to have an active role in the game they are playing.