Hollywood’s 51 hottest black men RE-VISITED

Because I and many other women were OUTRAGED by the recent buzzfeed post:  that supposedly ranked Hollywood’s 51 hottest men.

Because WE at the Naked truth believe IN THE TRUTH and it has been a long time coming. 51 is such a random number, find here, our new ranking. This post has been approved by Nina Mayers (the Truth) and sanctioned by Julz (guest collaborator). We could not sit back and let  justice not be done. So here we go!

I feel like before we start I have to define “Hot man” – wow, where do I start? He is charming, good looking, sexy…no has sex appeal (there is a difference!). He can a  have a smile that makes you melt or eyes that dig deep into your soul (or groin area) lol. He can have an aura about him or a voice that just says do me. Basically a HOT man can make you WET anywhere, any time by just looking at you, talking to you, standing next to you and so on and so on. [Get your mind out of the gutter please, wet as in hot and bothered and sweaty :P]  

At number one he is ideally the man of every woman’s fantasy. But that’s not all; sometimes they are hot for the way they walk, dress or how they made you feel on a show/movie you watched them on. I hate that word swagger, but yes sometimes they just  got it. You want to have them just for a day. A hot man can be chocolate, brown, coffee, cream or ebony. We don’t care, so long as he GOT it and ultimately makes YOU feel like a woman!

Note we went real Hollywood on you; that is, person X must have appeared in a movie, series, TV show or something or the sort. We promise to bring you the 20 hottest black men of the entertainment industry (music) and the 20 hottest black athletes real soon.

We are not responsible for any drooling, fainting, or loss of words.

50. Michael B Jordan.

50. Michael B Jordan. Because in the previous ranking you were given too high a position and your picture (I admit) didn’t do you justice. But sit back and let us show you who HOT men really are.


49. Damon Wayans Jr.

49. Damon Wayans Jr. For keeping the Wayans name alive – you are one true comic


48. Kevin Hart

48. Kevin Hart – this short dude is one FUNNY character. And humour is such an endearing trait.


47. Djimon Hounsou

47. Djimon Hounsou has still got it. Do you remember when he rocked his body on Amistad? We sure do


46.  Malik Yoba

46. Malik Yoba – Such a rough neck indeed. Dark chocolate tastes good too


45. Omar Epps.

45. Omar Epps. We never, ever forget how he made us feel on love and basketball. Timeless


44. Gary Dourdan.

44. Gary Dourdan. Is he still relevant? His EYES tell me so!


43. Charles Divins

43. Charles Divins – another pretty boy with piercing eyes. You do remember this Texas boy from the soap opera passions right?


42. Michael Jamal White

42. Michael Jamal White, we don’t forget you


41. Brian White

41, Boston’s very own Brian White. We want to step with him don’t we? You must remember


40. Rockmond Dunbar

40. Rockmond Dunbar. Aces for those arms


39. Isaiah Mustafa

39. Isaiah Mustafa. Old Spice guy, thank you Tyler for bringing him to our screens.


38. Mekhi Phiffer

38. Mekhi Phiffer – an oldie but a goodie.


37. Taye Diggs

37. Taye Diggs. When this man smiles, we think he just makes the world alright!


36. Terrence Howard

36. No one does bad boy like Terrence Howard.! He’s filthy mouth and sexy look have us jaw dropped


35. Jamie Foxx

35. Jamie Foxx. We like Mr. President


34. Robbie Jones

34. Robbie Jones That tough boy act don’t work no more. We know you’re a sweet guy


33. Pooch Hall

33. Pooch Hall. We like we some pretty boys, but we won’t be getting on his bad side anytime soon.


32. D. B Woodside

32. D. B Woodside, the ultimate man for every single lady! We won’t show you what is underneath


31. Dwayne Johnson

31. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock’ is still cooking and smoking.


30. Laz Alonzo

30. Laz Alonzo – ask us to marry you and we will.


29. Romeo Miller

29.Romeo Miller. Any self respecting cougar should have you top on her list. We give you a few more years to impress us and be a MAN


28. Coby Bell

28. Coby Bell, still makes things ring in us.


27. Hill Harper

27. Hill Harper, whether he is playing crime scene investigator or bad boy CIA agent he got me. To top it all off he has a PhD, this is one smart sexy man


26. Charles Michael Davis.

26. Charles Michael Davis. Enough said.


25. Rick Fox.

25. Rick Fox. Foxy to Tash Mack – can you say sugar daddy?


24. Jay Eliis

24. Jay Eliis –Must I speak about Blue? He got Game on lock.


23. Hosea Sanchez

23. Hosea Sanchez, Mr Bad Boy Malick Wright. He can call me names in any language, I got him.


22. Michael Ealy

22. Michael Ealy. You can cook for us any day and bring those sexy eyes with you please.


21. Romary Malco

21. Romary Malco player player


20. Derek Luke

20. Derek Luke (baby boy). If he didn’t make you shed a tear in Antowne Fisher then I don’t know. There is a sensitivity but virility to this one


19. Common.

19. Common. Put some sense back into us


18. Denzel Washington

18. Denzel Washington – because it doesn’t matter how many years go by, he’s still so GQ.


17. Henry Simmons

17. Henry Simmons. We don’t forget you


16. Morris Chestnut.

16. (we have an issue with how you have aged) Morris Chestnut. We love you, we do, but aren’t you a bit last century? But for what you have always meant to us we say yes


15. Blair Underwood

15. Blair Underwood – every woman deserves a sugar daddy like this.


14. Jason George

14. Jason George. We 1st noticed him on sunset beach. But he made a mark as Baileys husband and the sultry adulterer on mistresses.


13. Lamman Rucker

13. Lamman Rucker. We kind of went speechless there


12. Columbus Short

12. Columbus Short – Mr Scandal Original


11. Will Smith

11, Will Smith. This man simply does not age. Charm, humour, looks TRI-fecta


10. Lance Gross

10. Lance Gross. Nope he never gets old. NEVER


9. Mehcad Brooks.

9. Mehcad Brooks. Because he’s appearance was SO NECESSARY. We so TK


8. Tyresse Gibson.

8. Tyresse Gibson. So fast, so furious


7. Jesse Williams.

7. Jesse Williams. Doctor, Dr, am sick, will you please take my temperature?


6. Tyson Beckford

6. Tyson Beckford . I can’t remember the last relevant thing you did. But I can remember and tell you how that look makes me feel.


5. Rob Evans

5. Rob Evans. Step aside, THE super model is in the house!


4. Shemar Moore

4. Shemar Moore. We want to be your “baby girls”. Pleasse!.


3. Boris Kodjoe

3. Boris Kodjoe; a usual suspect . In German, French & English you are still fine!


2. Idris Elba

2. Idris Elba. A MAN looks like this. Talks like him and laughs like him.


1. . ? Because while doing this exercise we realised that our criteria can definitely be different from yours. Because we know that there is sometimes a “real” man in our lives who makes us go Boom boom… so we invite you to stick his face on this body

1. ? Because while doing this exercise we realised that our criteria can definitely be different from yours. Because we know that there is sometimes a “real” man in our lives who makes us go Boom boom… so we invite you to stick his face on this body 

Boris K

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