Enfin, le secret pour favoriser la croissance des cheveux nous a été découvert par les Hair Gurus. Qu’en pensez-vous ?

Hair Gurus

After years of silence, natural Hair Gurus Taren Guy, the Urban Bush Babes, Hey Fran Hey & Chescalocs have teamed up to reveal the ultimate product to help take your hair to incredible lengths!

written, directed and edited by Chescalocs –http://youtube.com/chescalocs

Please make sure to check out my amazing friends that helped make this video possible!

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Hey Fran Hey – http://heyfranhey.com |http://youtube.com/heyfranhey

Special thanks to

Mylike Teele, Curlbox – http://curlbox.com |http://youtube.com/thecurlbox
YouTube Next Lab – https://sites.google.com/site/ytcreat…
The Key of Awesome – http://youtube.com/barelypolitical

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