10 book bloggers you should know in 2013 !




Location: UK

Twitter: @bookshybooks

This Nigerian blogger aims to celebrate, recognize and promote contemporary African literature.

What you will love about her blog: She is on top of every literary news you need to know. In fact, you should follow her on Facebook as well. Plus, she has interviewed some very interesting authors.



Location: Accra, Ghana

Twitter: @kinnareads

Kinna is a Ghanaian blogger who read mostly fiction, both contemporary and classic. She is partial to women writers and their works, especially African women writers. She reviewed anything from novels and short stories to poetry.

What you will love about her blog:  She does not blog exclusively about African authors. She is very popular on the web and amongst bloggers. And more importantly, she is always on top of whatever is happening in Ghana on Arts.



Location: Chicago, USA

The author of this blog is a Nigerian writer philosopher and scholar. He is currently an associate professor of Anglophone and Postcolonial Literature at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago.

What you will love about his blog:  In his blog, he covers all about African literature: news, reviews, gossips, names to watch, others to forget, deadwood resurrected, others about to die.



Location: UK

Twitter:  @africliterature

A native of La Cote D’Ivoire who writes on the variety and the vibrancy of African Literature, from Egypt to South Africa, Nigeria to Kenya, taking in La Cote d’Ivoire, la RDC and Angola.

What you will love about her blog:  she reviewed francophone books from time to time.



Location: Zimbabwe, South Africa

Twitter: @novuyotshuma

She is a very promising writer who also reviews books. She has published a collection of novellas and short stories.

What you will love about her blog:  I love the visual of her blog; you will too, I am sure. She has also two of her other blogs linked to this one.



Location: UK

Twitter: @criticalLitRev

This blog aims to bring about the Discourse and Review of Literature and thereby encourage the devouring of the Written Medium.

What you will love her blog:  If you want to review a book in here, you can. No need to have a blog of your own, just send them an email.

What do you think? Do you agree?

Watch this space for the lists of 10 book bloggers francophone.

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