Aboki diaries: Best music edition


The concept of a Record label is often made fun of in Cameroon as many think that the term is not suitable to many of the structures that are given that name in Cameroon.  It’s a double standard affair because we live in a time where people are constantly encouraged to be entrepreneurs and going corporate is looked upon as cool. Yet when people embark on that journey, the audience seems to limit the vision to where the person is at the moment and not the long term goal. Ama “aw man na C.E.O now nor”

I have had conversations with Best Music over the last couple of years. Not your typical interview but mostly trying to see the personalities behind the names. Best Music may seem to be a relatively new name in the ecosystem, but its members have been deep rooted in the industry for quite a while. Nami Nami Cyrus has been an emcee for over eleven years and it hasn’t been an easy one but he is quite happy with the progress he has made over the years. Slimbeatz who has produced quite a number of songs is the C.E.O and does the audio production. Ewube is easily the most recognizable brand in the Label.   She is a new comer but has been banging ever since she walked through the door. Other Members of Best Music include Boy Cheez, Tzy Panchak, Wan man, Young Bird, Young Flo and Vomuse. The brain box behind Best Music is Didi blaise former C.E.O and now manager of the Artists. 

Best Music may not have the robust machinery that corporate labels do but they definitely have love, talent and respect between them. No one had to tell me this. I noticed quite a bit spending time with them and watching them record. I initially wanted to do an interview with each member of the label but I decided showing how they interact with each other while creating music is a better angle. The message is not in really what they do, it’s how they do it. The mockery, shoving, vocals, encouragement and most importantly the look of approval they give each other. 

I would go ahead to convince you why should pay attention to this group of artists but then it would be more effective if their music and drive convinces you that their journey is something worth watching and paying attention to. 

I hope this video helps you see something special in these artists like I did. 


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Jah Bless! 

This guest post was written by Aboki

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