Afro Inspiration : Yagazie Emezi, artist and blogger


Yagazie Emezi is kind of a model on tumblr, and her youtube videos are hilarious but sometimes controversial because she speak out what everybody whispers. She is passionate with the values, customs and traditions found in all the countries of Africa as it can survive and thrive along side to Western modernization.

Diasportrait of Yagazie Emezi, artist and blogger
Diasportrait of Yagazie Emezi, artist and blogger

Yagazie Emezi. Does your name has a meaning?

Yagazie means, “May all be well with you” or “It is well.”

You are an African woman, blogger, from both Nigeria and Malaysia. Born and raised in Nigeria and living in the USA. What else can you tell us about you?

I’m just a simple woman with a passion for African preservation. The more in depth details of my life can be found on my blog!

Diasportrait of Yagazie Emezi, artist and blogger
Diasportrait of Yagazie Emezi, artist and blogger

Kind of a world citizen?

Not yet. I do enjoy traveling, but I personally need to live in a few different countries for some time in order to be considered a world citizen.

You draw, you love pictures: where does this passion come from?

I have always enjoyed drawing from a young age. Perhaps had I dedicated myself fully to it, I would be better but I grew up in a setting focused predominately on academia and never set much time aside for it. My father however, would occasionally have ‘art sessions’ with us kids where we would all paint or draw together. Passion comes from this helpless need and desire to simply create something no matter how big or small.

Diasportrait of Yagazie Emezi, artist and blogger
Diasportrait of Yagazie Emezi, artist and blogger

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere from photographs to blogs to everyday life.

What do your cartoons represent?

My cartoons represent me and the little, true events and thoughts and go on in my life and in my head.

Have you thought of a book featuring all your drawings?

Of course I have. All in due time.

In your youtube channel, you talk about an array of different topics. How did the adventure start?

I honestly cannot remember! But like most of my online platforms, by accident. I just wanted a space to express myself.

Which video is the most watched so far?

My “I won’t cook for you” video where I discuss the role of women in and out of relationships.

You spoke once about your bulimia. What motivated you to speak about it?

As I described in the video I made on bulimia,

Growing up in Nigeria and having body image issues, the only time I would see or hear about such were in movies and the people going through it were always white. I never felt that I could talk about it to anyone because I had never been around or heard of anyone who was black or even of color that talked about it. As a result, I felt quite alone. But now an adult and having left the mindset/fear that to discuss such was ‘taboo’, or even a sign of weakness, I’ve come across other WoC who have experienced the same and I made this video to encourage others to seek help and if they feel like it, to talk about it as well. I’m not saying that all are alone, but there are some who feel like they are and I hope they see this.

We can’t do an interview with you without talking a bit about your hair. So, can you tell our readers few things about your regimen, your favourite products and hairstyle?

I dread this sort of question so heavily because I fear readers expect a detailed answer, which I can’t give.  I wear my hair out for the most part and use shea butter and coconut oil.

Diasportrait of Yagazie Emezi, artist and blogger
Diasportrait of Yagazie Emezi, artist and blogger

Now, to know you better, tell us:

  • African countries you would like to visit. Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Benin, just to start off with…
  • First thing you check on a man’s body. Oh dear. I check everything. It’s all one big scan.
  • Foreign language you would like to learn (and speak). Arabic and Tamil.
  • The one thing you can’t be separated from. My ipod.
  • One souvenir from your childhood. A couple of handwritten letters.

If I say “Afro inspiration” you answer

It can be found among many women.

Is there anything you want to add?

I do believe we covered a lot, thank you for this. Feel free to check out my Facebook, Youtube and blog!

Thank you for your time!

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