Second annual Ghana Fashion & Design Week to take-off in Accra


Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) is pleased to announce the return of the event in the city of Accra, this October 2013, with the exact date and venue soon to be made public. With Accra ranked 4th must visit city this 2013 by New York Times publication out of a list of 46 cities around the world, the second edition of Ghana Fashion & Design Week event promises to elevate the fashion scene in Accra to the next level of experience and development.

Ghana Fashion & Design Week® is the most contemporary fashion showcase in Ghana with a vision to push international interest with the work of designer’s collections. Now entering its 2nd year, GFDW is an international resource for creative design talent and has been responsible for launching new and emerging designers to an international audience. Showcasing the work of numerous designers who have greatly benefited from this platform, GFDW is designed to bridge the gap between new talent and international exposure and is renowned for providing innovative platform for fashion media promotion. The event will incorporate outstanding display of fashion shows and a creative exhibition salon hub that gives fashion and creative businesses in Ghana and across the globe the opportunity to exhibit their collections, products and relative creative business services alongside the catwalk shows.

With the aim to promote Ghana’s fashion and tourism industry to the world, tourists visiting Ghana during the event period in October this year will have the opportunity to visit the free trade Exhibition PopUp Salon and access tickets to the catwalk shows to see the other side of Ghana -Accra come to life with an event that has a global presence during their visit to Ghana.

GFDW remarkable success following its launch in 2012 placed Ghana on the international map as an-up-and coming global contender of the fashion and creative business industry. The event platform forms a natural extension to the development activities of the industry’s businesses, and educational Institutions in Ghana that focuses on fashion and product design, arts in communication and related programmes, boosting their presence within the country.

The event is set to epitomise the fashion scene in Ghana, with an array of both local and international Press, Guests and Buyers in attendance. With influential media platforms in support of this year’s event, including New African Woman Magazine UK, Raine Magazine New York, Shadders Africa Global, Designing Africa TV Kenya, Pana TV Nigeria already in line, and a long list of press and media in attendance, the event is sure to take a centre stage once again on the global scene, placing Ghana on the global fashion map.

Ghana Fashion & Design Week has opened a new door for global interest in other areas that are professionally developing for trade and investment opportunities in Ghana. GFDW contemporary approach to event execution and global outreach continues to offer creative practitioners, companies and entrepreneurs a valuable opportunity to connect with local and global audience including press, media and buyers, through its unique platform inclusive activities.

Ghana Fashion & design Week is now accepting applications from Designers and Exhibitors, including Ethical fashion designers, and ethically produced lifestyle product manufacturers who wish to showcase on the runway and/or exhibit their merchandise during this grand event.

GFDW continues interest in creating awareness and supporting Ethical Fashion and sustainability development in Ghana through its ETHIKHA platform embraces social enterprise businesses and product designers with a social or environmental mission for sustainability. The platform, which is supported by and, will be creating interesting opportunities this year directly involving community experience. Fashion entrepreneurs, creative businesses and relative companies looking to gain both local and international exposure in a relative environment, here is your chance to do all that at Ghana Fashion & Design Week!

Source : Ghana Fashion & Design Week
Credit Photo : JOT Photography