Projecteur sur Angela Ricci l’afro soul italien


Last night, as I was checking some stuffs on the internet, i discovered that girl, Angela Ricci. She is an afropean (Italian and Congolese blood in her veins) living in London.

She is a singer, an actress and a model too. I was like wow, what a pretty girl plus I love her hair. Then I clicked on these links next to the picture and it redirected me on her youtube channel. She was singing Crazy (Gnarls Barkley) and I thought it was an angel who was singing. Her voice is so pure plus she is playing some piano.

The second video I watched from her was Smile and it is the most recent one :

This is what her bio is saying on her website:

“Angela Ricci’s mixed heritage, background and cultures have strongly influenced her personality, which is reflected in the musical genres she performs.

From gospel to jazz, to acoustic soul and reggae, Angela has also grown very fond of electro music and house. This love of various genres has led to her collaborating with producers from Italy, DJ’s in France, studios in London, and headlining at the Jazz Club of Turin, Italy in 2010.

Recent performances include: Poetry N Motion, Africa Fashion Week 2011, and The Big Issue’s 20th anniversary. Angela also headlined at Oxjam in November and opened for MOBO Award-winning Yolanda Brown at the Jazz Cafe in December.

Angela is currently working with various songwriters and producers on solo material for a debut EP.”

Encore plus de Angela Ricci :

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