Why rich black women are lonely ?

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Why rich black women are lonely ? Odd question but I just read an article entitled “successful, black & lonely”…. It was going on about black women having everything in their lives but a relationship, and how a lot of black women were lonely.

And then I remembered I was single. I remembered that I wasn’t in a relationship and I remembered my past relationships and laughed because I remembered the joy of being single. Damn I wasn’t lonely…

Let me set it up for you;

I know if you are single or have been single you’ll relate to this story; you know those nights when you are just tired and all you want to do is spend time with the girls (no men) but it turns out the girl have something else in mind. Those nights when you wish your girls would understand that you don’t need to be reminded you don’t have a man…

It’s Friday night, you can’t wait to put on your dancing shoes and head out to the club. You are all excited! You’ve had a long week and all you want to do is relax, have a couple of drinks and wild out with the girls. You pick up the phone and call Keisha; as always she is down with the plan. That’s two, now you just have to get Naomi, Terry and Donna to come along and the party is on. Oh! Wait! Hold on, Donna is out of town for the weekend – oh well, there is still the others!

You finally get through to Terry who tells you she can’t make it, because she and Dante have a romantic night planned. Bummer! So there is still Naomi – ah maybe not; she’s going on that date she’s been talking about all week, and I mean all week – that’s all I’ve heard.

So I guess it is just you and Keisha tonight then. Just two of you but that’s okay, tequila shots, rhum, more tequila shots, hiphop dancehall, tequila shots and damn its gonna be a crazy night. You are not going to let them bring you down. This is TGIF night and you are going to have fun! So when midnight rolls around – you planned to meet Keisha at the club at 12.30 am; but you are running late (as usual, but a girls got to look good right?) So you give yourself just one last touch of makeup – one last glance in the mirror – and you think ‘NOW am ready and I look hot.’ No one is gonna spoil this night – its party hard night.

So when you get to Jade’s (the nightclub), you think your late because your standing out and Ms. Keisha hasn’t arrived. But NO wait! you hear her screaming your name. There she is. …Hold up! She’s with a man! …… Hum, that wasn’t in the plan – this was girl’s night out. You push it aside; you are still going to have fun. You get in and the music is bumping. You get a drink and think about hitting the dance floor, (you’re happy to be here with your girl), but a couple of minutes down the line, you are standing alone at the bar having a tequila shot, watching Keisha getting it on with her man. WTF (what the fudge)?

What’s the point? You’re the only one who doesn’t have a man in the crew. Heck, it seems like you might be the only one who doesn’t have a man period. Everywhere around you in the club some guy is with some woman. Ah! The joys! Alas, ladies night turned out to be single you out once again. Yes, yes you’ve been singled out. The sad part of the story isn’t the fact that you are single… it’s simply that once in a while you would love to hang out just with the girls without having to hear about Andre this or Tyrone that or be reminded that you are single. What happened to good old ‘girls’ night out’? – I guess single you should find single friends… or better yet, find a man. Because in this day and age, 27 and single just doesn’t seem to make sense.

But wait! When the hell did being single turn into a bad thing? Single isn’t equivocal to lonely – the last I checked. So, maybe I don’t want a man. Maybe, I just want my night out with the girls. Am OKAY being single, and yes am fine just being me… So no am Successful, Black & Happy…deal with it!