Projecteur : Baiyu, the fresh voice of the R&B


From a young age, Baiyu has been forging her musical path with icons like Mariah Carey or Withney Houston.The emotion and power from these soulful divas sparked a new found romance in Baiyu for vocal performance.

Passionnate by singing, Baiyu also immersed herself in activities outside of music such as dance and theatrical arts.

As model and actress, she has worked with Seventeen Magazine, graced the pages of PYNK magazine, appeared in multiple independent films and was a host for MTVu’s hit show “The Freshmen” for three years.

Irrespective of her hopes to become an entertainer, she remained focused in her studies by graduating in 2008 from the number one ranked Princeton University. As a singer/songwriter, Baiyu’s music videos are on rotation on MTV Networks and as a fresh face on television she speaks for her generation.

In 2011, this musical talent and philanthropist released her second EP Fan Fair which took her in many countries in the world and allowed her to contribute the proceeds of her release to the Japanese Tsunami relief efforts.

In 2012, Baiyu is set to take on a new chapter in her story regarding the independent film scene and continues to share her music with an ever growing and devoted international fan base.

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