Diaries of the Fourth Quarter Episode 2: Stanley Goes Green

Stanley Enow
Diaries of the fourth Quater

I’ve been known to be bland when stating my opinion so for this article I decided to enlist the help of Klochett Fée (@FeeKlochett) a fellow creative in reviewing Stanley Enow’s #NJAMANJAMACOW and this is what he had to say:

There is so much animosity when it comes to give our opinion to the work of an artist.

If we refer to the first definition of “art”, it is rarely, if never, associated with the concept of business.

Spontaneity and genius in art was welcomed because they were not calculated. Nowadays, within the music industry, very few can fully handle the shield of art.

We are now dealing with businessmen who offer a preset of entertainment to suit our tastes. I guess, we shouldn’t actually complain.

Long story short, we are not going to review the work of an artist, but that of a product offered to a consumer. Therefore, we will focus on three central elements of the package “Njama Njama Cow (Original Version)” by Stanley Enow.

The video

  •  The context:

Africa dreams of America and fortune. Stanley, feeding the desire to export his music (his product) beyond the borders of Cameroon and meet a younger audience there, offers in his last video a set of visual symbols (nice cars, dark atmosphere, attempts to insert coded or esoteric signs …) meant to represent the idea of success these days.

  • Final report:

Undoubtedly, Shamak the director, spawned one of his most successful videos quality wise and visual texture. We do blame the lack of solid storyline, as images put together, as beautiful as they can be, have no real effect if there is no guideline.

The lyrics

Very often the words have no value if the mind is not there. To understand the delivery on this new single, one should understand the general mindset of this young man’s current life. Imagine:

1- You don sweat blood and tears and then reach a certain position that makes you feel like the world worships you for what you represent

2- You have been able to travel, to see the world, to meet other personalities and to open his mind to other realities

3- You done conquered music lovers with a scheme that you yourself do not yet fully master

This explains the mixture of high egocentrism of a competitor that confidently holds his trophies as a career validation, plus a kind of lightness, “laid back attitude” in the artistic approach.

Add to all this, the recurrence of identical thematics, it surely leads to a consumer disappointed by the product offered.

The music

An instrumental that supports the sale of the American dream. A Trap beat more New Southern (Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan) than New Chicago (Chief Keef …). Carefully set up by SofTouch. We could blame him for not adding an organic feeling (live instrument) to make a difference. Oh well…

I agree more or less with Klochette’s view but when put into context, there’s a lot to reason with. Being a rap head, it’s not out of place for me to say I was/am no fan of that particular song but the video was a hat off to Shamack. However we (rap heads) no di buy music we barely try to shape the content of music coming out through our thoughts and advice but if public die, mehn they die. So regardless of what I or anyone else feels about the song, if the general public welcomes it, na JAMM!!

Ah sure say i don tok di tin plenty time but it’s evident that Stanley is a business person. Gree am no deny because he continues to remain relevant through the controversy surrounding his style and lyrics. When I heard of the collaboration with Sarkodie, I tipped my hat and anticipated a “RAHP” verse from Stanley given the fact Sark is a wordsmith. My face brightened when i saw the teaser… mehn that extract of the song was well put together (you don’t wanna mess with the king of Cameroon Hip-Hop Boi). I though perhaps my theories may come to life so i crossed my fingers and waited for the official release.

Ah chook ma earphone them and the smile faded from my face. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the rap at first maybe it was because I had set my unrealistic bar for him once more. A month later I came to the conclusion that Stanley never wanted to upset his already existing style of rap (whether we approve of it or not). He indeed tried to step up his bars but let’s face it, very few people can out-rap Sarkodie in Africa. So he found a perfect way to step up while maintaining his playful rhyming.

While the video was really good, I was more interested in what this move will do for the Industry. I honestly feel that this move/collaboration does more for Stanley than the industry as a whole but that’s something I’ll explain in my 2014 roundup article. However, for a collaboration of that magnitude, the numbers and online reception is below the bar.

In the fourth quarter Stanley has shown how much of a workaholic he is, landing MTN and GUINESS endorsements. If there is something you cannot take away from homeboy, it is his hard work ethic especially how he makes use of every little opportunity that comes his way. He went on an MTN campus tour and performing very well after Don Jazzy at the MTN ifest 2014 was also a statement that was very welcome.

Despite all the controversy, Stanley has been able to keep making music and engaging people in one way another. Collaborations with Ice Prince, Eddy Kenzo and AKA will see 2015 as an exciting year for the young MC. If there is something I have learned about Stanley, it’s that we shouldn’t expect anything but “STANLEY” from him.


Salam ma lekum!

This post has been written by Aboki. You can find the 1st episode of Diaries of the Fourth Quarter HERE

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