How to be healthy on a Nigerian diet ?


Africa offers one of the most delicious and healthiest of the world but some habits have to stop.

In this hilarious skit, nigerian humorist Ziggys wonders how to be healthy on african diet. According to Ziggys, few things could be altered in Nigerian diet.

Why ? Because massive amount of unnecessary oil will fry our lifespan ! Ziggys adresses also others issues. She urges Nigerians to chill out a little bit on carbohydrate. Rice Monday through Sunday.. really ?

She did not forget to point out some overeaten snacks like fried plantains, chin chin* or puff puff (Read our post : Quelle la recette des beignets africains).

What’s the point of Ziggys’ rant on african food ? Have a good laugh and learn basic tips to be healthy.

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* Chin Chin is a crunchy deep-fried snack popular in Nigeria. Here is the receipe : 1kg of Plain Flour, 150ml of milk / 150g of powdered milk, 275g of granulated sugar, 250g of margarine, 2 medium sized nutmegs | 2 teaspoonfuls of ground nutmeg and Vegetable Oil (for fryiiiiing)