#IAMREVOLT : P.Diddy Revolt TV seek to revolutionize music


Sean Combs is bringing music back to television so that he can “get kids back to television.”

The hip hop star is launching Revolt TV in October, a channel he envisions as an ESPN or CNN for music and music culture.

“Young people are unplugging and running to the Internet. But that’s because there just isn’t anything engaging on TV,” Combs said at the summer press tour on July 26. “People were telling me television is nowhere…[But] television is everywhere. It’s on your toilet. It’s in bus shelters, it’s going to be on the sidewalk in the future.”

The network, which Combs is heading with MTV veteran Andy Schuon, will launch in 25 million homes and has distribution deals with Comcast Cable and Time Warner Cable. It will play videos and air news programs and documentaries for music lovers.

Viewers turn to ESPN for sports and CNN for news but have nowhere to go for news in the music world, Combs said.

“If you want to know something about Jay-Z or Beyoncé or Bieber you are homeless,” he added. “You are all alone. We will cover music as a culture. We are not a remixed MTV or another version that just plays videos.”

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Source : NBC