Confidence is the little black dress every woman should wear.


Confidence is the little black dress every woman should wear.


Pretty woman,

So where is the key to your heart? Has it been thrown to the bottom of the ocean never to be found again? Have you completely closed off your heart to any kind of sentiments? Are you constantly holding back anyone who would want a chance to discover the true beauty that is within? “Love does not exist” is that what you live by?

Beautiful lady,

Why have you set such objectives for yourself? Valuing only the friendships you have… Because you think those are the only people worth trusting. Making your friends an ultimate priority, and when someone from the opposite sex comes along; you only ever consider them if they want to be ‘just’ friends. Yes you have been hurt, and you only trust your “friends”, but is it worth being so hard, at the risk of never finding love?

Amazing individual,

Why do you completely keep at arms length those who try to approach you? We all know your heart has been so badly shattered that you even downplay love, by not looking for it anymore; and by satisfying yourself with random one night stands. You repress all romantic thoughts by trying to convince yourself that it is not for you… Yes amazing individual why do you sell the idea that you are an exciting bachelorette to all your friends? Pretending to be content with the single life and preaching ultimate freedom… When we all know that is not you? And that is not what you are looking for. Ironically, while your friends admire you, you envy them.

Confident individual,

It may have taken forever for you to get over that elusive Ex boyfriend of yours; and now you seem to think that you are protecting yourself from everything by denigrating the ones who try to approach you and jealously, secretly admiring the ones who find true love and happiness.

I know that the idea that one might cheat on you repulses you, and that you have a very pessimistic view on love, the idea that you might be weak again for the love of another – because  at that point  in time, you gave up so much of yourself to be with him… You want to forget anything that you may have shared, push back the memories that haunt you today while keeping in mind those things to help you advance within your own realities…

Confidence is the little black dress every woman should wear. Confident individual; unless you break away from that hard shell you have created to protect yourself, you may not be able to sow overhead… break out of your shell, and let love in…Because you’re worth it. 

Truly yours,

Nina Mayers