Why I Hate School But Love Education ?


Why I Hate School But Love Education ? That’s the question British rapper-poet Suli Amoako (known as Suli Breaks) poses in his video.

Why I Hate School But Love Education ?
Why I Hate School But Love Education ?

Since its release on Sunday, the six-minute video has already racked up more than half a million views on YouTube. The video, filmed at Waltham Forest College in northeast London, was inspired by Jefferson Bethke’s video, “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus,” which surpassed 20 million views in January and sparked a trend in spoken word productions on YouTube.

In “Why I Hate School,” Amoako argues that mainstream schooling hones ineffective skills that defeat the purpose of true education, like the memorization of facts for exams that are quickly forgotten.

Citing the billion-dollar success stories college dropouts Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, he goes as far as questioning the value of schooling at all.

“If there were a family tree, hard work and education would be related but school would probably be a distant cousin”

“If education is the key, school is the lock”

“Education is not just about regurgitating facts from a book on someone else’s opinion on a subject to pass an exam,”

Source: digitaljournal.com