Why are women irrational ? The Pyschology of Shouting


Why are women irrational ? The Pyschology of Shouting

There is a misconception that “shouting & screaming” will get your point across. Women mostly excel at this notion & love to shout… For anything and nothing. I heard that “he knows he’s wrong”, most of the time, so why shout at him ?

Let me start by attempting to defend the women – I think it Is hormones and (wo)man nature, it’s an easy way to release frustrations and all that, and in the moment there is NO rationality ! It is an internal urge to scold.

In reality, from my observations – I think perhaps these women are hoping to be their husband’s keepers… Trying to be their mums too (back to that nature). Thinking that they can scold and achieve results. Thinking that the pouting and nagging will eventually hit home… And that “miraculously” they’ll fall into line.

But experience & time have shown quite the contrary. In fact, some even marvel in the idea. What most (women) fail to realize is that what usually happens is that the men figure *here SHE goes again* and they SWITCH you off. Most times in fact they ‘indulge’ in those taboos thinking to themselves, the worst she’ll do is “shout” again. Secretly I think some even enjoy the drama, cause it can always be their ‘scapegoat’ right out your door.

But I got to do this one for the ladies ; what if for a second they were rational ?

Talking slowly and calmly might help… let me take you back a couple of years : Do you remember when your parents used to sermon you instead of shouting when you came home past curfew ? It hurt more didn’t it ?

Well, why not play the same game with your man ? I have one word of advice, pick the right battles... easier said than done ; but I challenge you, the next time you feel the urge to shout, count to ten, smile and say “okay dear”.

Be sure to come back and tell me what followed…

I have no miracle solutions but I have understood that patience is truly a virtue. Be sure to Understand that NOT shouting DOES NOT mean you are passive and soft! It simply means you are cool, calm & collected… and waiting to strike when its really worth it. Remember the real women wear the belt that holds the pants up, they just let the men think they are in control 😉 [pun intended]

Twist it up for your man so he never knows what to expect, that will keep him on his toes! Keep him constantly wondering where you gonna let loose…

And let me address the men real quick before I bounce… If the shouting gets so unbearable that you can’t handle it then do something about – am tired of hearing, “I love her, but I just can’t stand the shouting”.

HOWEVER I suspect that, if you don’t do much about it then u must be doing shit to make her shout (& you’ve become rather complacent about it) —- stop acting innocent: ur sticking around cause ur guilty!!!!! I said it! Next time you want to stay at your boys for one more round of “Call of Duty”… Think about her. Cause just like your mother, she’s TIRED of saying the same shit over & over again.

DEUCES *as she screams*