Why that most people do not commit to relationships ?


I have this theory that most people do not commit to relationships because they are scared of venturing into the unknown.

Instead they would much rather be in ‘like’ with the idea of A relationship. Through no fault of their own (I think) because, honest to God I have been caught in the dilemma myself. And I too keep telling myself that it is because I haven’t found the right person yet, and justifiably so. Perhaps, actually, it is the case for most of you right? So woman to woman, actually am addressing the men too, so from me to you, what truly blocks us?

Isn’t it easier to say check this. Am not that into you? Or shorty am not into you…?
Am pretty sure most of you are thinking “but that’s what I always say but for some reason he/she just doesn’t understand (or get it).

Humour me for a second, don’t the phrases, “but I like talking to you”, “but maybe when am ready we can work something out”, “but you know it won’t always be like this”, “but I like you” almost ALWAYS preclude or accompany the oh so beautiful, “AM NOT READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP”.

This post features some of my favourite excuses for not owning up and saying what you truly mean when it comes to letting some guy or woman down:

P.s: I’ve heard people tell me that they do this because they don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings; isn’t it more hurtful to wrongfully lead the person on?

Nims wants to know what you think… inquiring minds wonder…

I really like you but am just not read for a relationship right now.

I really like you but I don’t do long distance relationships

I love you but am still with my girlfriend (and we’ve been together for so long, I don’t think I can just walk away)

I love you, but am confused.

I dig you put am not sure i want to be tied down right now, I love my freedom (or any other variation of wanting to be independent)


My head hurts from trying to come up with more; you give it a go

Nims Out