4 Christmas Social Media Ideas for Afro-Ethnic restaurants

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Social Media : Christmas ideas for our dear Afro-Ethnic restaurants.

The Holidays just started since Thanksgiving in North America. December seems to be the busiest month of the year and that can only mean one thing – a big change on your Social Media tactic gearing towards Christmas.

Here are some few ideas to help you kick off your social media campaign during the Christmas season.

1. Christmas wish

Create a poll on your Facebook page asking people about their Christmas wish list on your menus. On the eve of Christmas, pick few random fans and grant them their wish list.

Give your customers incentives to share your campaign on social media networks! The more, the merrier!

2. Christmas competition

You can setup a competition among your customers. If they like or share a particular post, they will get a corresponding discount base on their referrals.

You can have a dollar per referral. Say for example, if you have a product worth ten dollars and they referred ten customers, they get your product for free.

3. Weekly countdown

You can have some sort of a weekly countdown for Christmas. Every week, you can feature any of your menus with a very good discount. Of course, for the grand finale or the eve of Christmas, you feature your best or most popular dish either for Free or for a very high discount.

4. The Ghost from Christmas past

Look for other successful campaigns that you or your competitor has done in the past. Use it and combine some of your ideas and strategies to make it different. Use images, testimonials, videos to make sure you Afro-Ethnic spots get filled during this Christmas season. When it goes viral, it goes global !

Christmas is just around the corner… so let’s get our campaign pumping.

Let’s do it Dalekh style.

This post was written by article Jean-Gabriel Jemea Kuoh Editor-In-Chief Dalekh Magazine.

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