E -MOTIONAL : AFRIKADAA #6 issue refers to Léopold Sédar Senghor


“Emotion is Negro, as reason is Hellenic” Léopold Sédar Senghor

Is human emotion the material art is made of ? For its sixth issue, AFRIKADAA has chosen to explore the wide range of emotions.

E -MOTIONAL is an invitation to the reader to embark on a visual journey of the senses, along which we will encounter notions of affect, pathos and empathy. The artistic and literary works you will encounter in this issue are tales of real-life experiences. Will the artists succeed in moving us?


L’unique départ ! A reflexion on death, by Frieda Ekotto (Professor of Comparative Literature, Department of Afro-american and African Studies, University of Michigan, United States).
An exploration of visual artist Michèle Magema’s creative universe by Toma M. Luntumbue, artist and curator: ” Michèle Magema : Images et corps instables”.
“Emotion: an allegory of reading” an essay by Frieda Ekotto, where she puts Senghor’s famous quote in a new perspective, through an analysis of chadian poet and writer Nimrod’s “Tomb of Leopold Sedar Senghor”.
A piece by Malick Ndiaye, associate researcher at CRAL, EHESS / CNRS and INP, who deciphers for us the notion of frontier in contemporary art. “Le concept de frontière dans la diffusion de l’art contemporain”.
“The Art of Justice: Black Iconography and the Ausarian Resurrection” a contribution from artist Mukwae Wabei Siyolwe.
An interview with Louisa Babari, a visual artist who explores the origins of film, with questions by Alexandre Gouzou.
Simmi Dullay, artist and historian, in a conversation with Walter Mignolo in “Black Matter : Decolonial Aesthesis”.
“Voyage aux quatre coins”, a very personal tale by Patrick de Lassagne.
A conversation between Caecilia Tripp and curator Antonia Alampi, on the topic of “Beirut”, an innovative artistic project.
Filmmaker John Akomfrah talks about his practice with Karen D. Mc Kinnon.
Correspondances émotionnelles, a fictional written correspondance by Kemi Bassene
An exclusive interview with Lionel Zinsou by Camille Moulonguet.


A conversation with Azzedine Abdelouhabi, curator of the moroccan contemporary art festival, “Orient’Art Express”.
Carole Diop takes us to discover the Galerie BOOKOO, a space where “art rhymes with sharing”.


Michèle Magema brings us yet another dose of « Duplicity », an artistic experiment with artist Ingrid Mwangi, which she invites to share in her emotions.
Francine Mabondo presents Next Stop Love, an urban art concept she realized in London.
Discover Emotional Poetry : two poets, two creative universes. Nimrod and Bouna Médoune Seye share with us a few verses.


A selection of artists will introduce us to their unique works.
Adonis Flores: photographer and perfomance artist, Billie Zangewa and Beverly McIver, visual artists andChris Aghana Nwobu: photographer.


Joël Andrianomearisoa will be E-MOTIONAL’s artist in focus. He will share with us his artistic concept, titled « SENTIMENTAL ».


Carole Diop reflects on the Gorée memorial statue in Sénégal, and the controversy it raised in Senghor’s home country.


An interview with designer Ifeanyi Oganwu.
“Kiti Makasi”, a unique piece of furniture by designer and editor Sandrine Ebène de Zorzi.
Tamara Leacock, a New-York based fashion designer and « Fashion activist » in Mexico.


Francine Mabondo takes us to visit Meshac Gaba’s “contemporary art museum”, a recent acquisition by Tate Modern.


A selection of recent art events we’d like to share with our readers.


Take some time to enjoy the sound pieces composed for E-Motional by Trevor Mathison, sound and visual artist.

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